Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Earth to Enter the Photon Belt by 2012

Ancient legend, the earth has enjoyed a rich golden age, some of the amazing ancient civilization can not help but make people guess how the ancients built them? Is alien to help?

The universe in six megabytes of stars, tens of millions of galaxies, our Milky Way galaxy where Earth is called the Milky Way Galaxy, the Milky Way solar system located in the Orion spiral arm of Collage, the earth around the sun, and the entire solar system is around the Pleiadian cluster revolution, Pleiadian cluster revolution around the galactic center, about every 240,000 years, the solar system will complete a revolution. Galaxy in addition to the clusters, black holes exist in addition to a very strange thing called the photon belt, with a rich high-energy photon photon, the vibration is very strong, about 1961, when first discovered by our scientists.

Photonic band is donut-shaped, the center and center of the sun orbits overlap, orbital radius and the radius of the sun the same, but the plane is perpendicular to the plane and turn the sun, that circle the solar system every half revolution will encounter a photonic band , through the photonic band to two thousand years.The last time we left the photon belt is thousands of years ago the Stuart dynasty blue Tis now passed the 100,000 years that we have to enter the photon belt. Photonic band contains intensive and high vibration strength of the photon, once into it, the whole solar system will produce drastic changes in the Earth's electromagnetic field will be changed completely, the photon will become our main source of energy will make interstellar travel is very common, but the focus that human change. Photon will change the structure of the human body, we will instantly raise the shaking force, the body becomes more transparent and light, will be to enhance the level of consciousness, many living in phantom disappear, we will have an incredible ability, which God has long been our ability to give and you can also say that we are living in paradise, high vibration forces on the planet.

Photonic band will come when, in fact, the entire solar system in early 1997 after entering on to the photon belt, but because we are just entering the photon belt in a hole, so was unaware, but in fact it has been more or less the solar system effect before the end of 2012, we will enter the mainstream of the photon belt in 2013, there will be more incredible things will happen. Just enter the photon belt will bring incredible influence, first let's look at some taken from the "You are a universe of people," the book section of the article: When the solar system, then into the photon belt and the whole immersed in the freezing zone (null zone), theYou will experience a dark planet. Suddenly mixed with a little spot of the night will be completely replaced by dark, as if the entire planet was thrown into a closet outside the door closed, the sun disappeared from view, the night sky of stars will also be seen. When the zero-band compression and satellite light when the sun during the day will suddenly become night.

When night comes you will know you have nearly zero band into the photon belt and start the conversion, as it once you accept this sudden shock caused by natural night time, you will find something is happening. You not only are in the dark and all of electric power facilities will not be used, the pump stops, water tower empty, Liu Buchu tap water, toilet not flushing, car can not start. You will be working in a new world, even if the same everywhere, some incredible things happen is your body.

When the collapse of Earth's electromagnetic field, the atoms will all be changed, the atoms in your body is changing, the body becomes buoyant, somewhat transparent, in your sense of tulle around that layer will be removed, you will not be in a narrowthree-dimensional. You will have some physical and mental potential, or that talent, it was long before you humans from Lyra to leave around the dissemination of knowledge and the guardian of the Galaxy after destined to have the right, you will begin journey home, back to the to the fifth space. Once your air is compressed, all material becomes dense, nuclear material will result in great danger, because there may be a huge nuclear chain reaction or nuclear explosion and the death of separatist elements. In addition to global nuclear chain reaction or explosion, nuclear energy may also cause large-scale compressed air explosion flame.

To avoid these dangers, Galaxy League's a special space fleet and staff will visit the earth, so these potential nuclear dangers can be avoided. The next change is due to the cold caused the disappearance of the sun (the temperature drop will be very obvious, like the Ice Age), it is because of the sun space being a different polarity, so it was unable to reach the Earth's surface energy. Conversion before the end of the third day, you will be open to see the dawn-like glimmer surrounding your planet, photon effect will begin. Photon effects are very important because it will provide you with a new energy, gas oil dependent termination when the Earth with. This will make interstellar travel becomes possible, because the ship Galaxy League spacecraft energy system is the photon energy used in science and technology, before the end of the third to fourth day, you will be the first to taste the taste of the photon energy. The end of the fourth day, fifth day began, the climate warmer, light shines, the photon effect from the end of the third day now in full swing, you will be able to apply the photon energy equipment, every creature will bring the main result of the photon from the photon flow and dynamic. You will enter a new era, and has a brand-new body, and ready the next stage of conversion, then your mental capacity will be to upgrade the photon effect.

Photon can not only provide your body the most efficient energy use, will be used in homes and industry, you enter the photon era, space travel will become very simple, and a public appeal to their preferences. ,,,,, You are entering this new era, you will recover the full potential of consciousness, just as predicted in the Bible, you will be living on this planet and all the talk and walk together, when you Earth will become a member of the spirit world, and with you together CETACEANS planet, the planet of the solar system and even the renaissance of the guardians.

Originally the Earth will stay in the photon belt in 2000, then back to the previous situation, but his book 2012-2013, the earth will be converted into the space the door, through the fifth space to a few light years away from our Sirius Department of Sirius B, having built a temple known galaxy, then there will be one on earth the same size of the temple. Although many recent natural disasters, but these are just re-set the energy field of the earth itself to adapt to future changes in the process, along change also reminds us too much damage has been done things the earth, it is time to stop and take time to reflect, but also tells us that life is change , only the pursuit of inner spiritual life is the real purpose.

Future changes in the Earth's surface will have more, thousands of years ago sank the ancient continent will emerge, long-term residence in the ground of human will and our mission garden, with the whole environment is changing now, Star Wars, had been deflect the Earth's axis gradually be corrected over, gradually become extinct group of carnivores, vegetarians are at an incredible speed increase, indicating the shaking force the entire planet has been improved. Last Earth into the photon belt ... ... ... .. (no extracts to ... ..) but it also depends on the efforts of our devotees, because we had down one of the purposes of this Earth is to help the successful completion of this conversion, thehumans back to heaven, heaven alive, if we Bernoulli's practice, there are more people able to cross the border, the process of conversion of some natural disasters will be minor.

Earth Summit, and many government officials already know this, know that the conversion process will occur in some huge natural disaster, but unfortunately does not fit due to power, they not only let these people a message made public, but with all the materialand Chao Wuzhi way to stop this evolution, with thousands of years ago those who Yate blue Tis almost exactly the same!!! However, because of this evolution is God's will can not be changed, they also end in vain conspiracy to eleven will fail, all of heaven we have been given the blessing of a deep, difficult to count the angels have come into the world to help us. Galaxy League has a large number of ships on standby around the earth, until their chance to formally meet with us, we must not wait to ask when was it? Fast, wait until they are hard-head with our leaders to reach a peace agreement, history of the moment will come, when we will see thousands of years to the compatriots living in the ground, and the solar system's other brothers and sisters from all over the Galaxy and the beings of heaven, you fellow, let us pray for guidance so that the peace moment can quickly come!! upcoming final evolutionary time, the earth mother and our father loved each of their children, hoping every child can survive this change, hope the children from life is full of endless love and peace and hope from interstellar brothers, hoping to have only one purpose of human life --- the beauty and wisdom of the eternal inheritance.

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