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Archangel Metatron: The 2012 Express - A Train Is Coming Channeled by Tyberonn

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Archangel Metatron: The 2012 Express - A Train Is Coming
Channeled by Tyberonn
January 7, 2012

The Requisite Shift to Crysto-Electric Field

Greetings Masters! Indeed! We greet you in joy and encircle each of you in a field of Unconditional Love. 2012 is not an end, rather it is the true Beginning. Accordingly 2012 is the expansion of dimensional access on the New Earth.

People Get Ready

The Ascension has movement, it is a train of change, and it is coming. You do not need a ticket, only faith and preparation. Energies of the Earth are shifting more quickly now. The velocity of light has increased. In response, the flash and sequencing of linear- time is moving faster now, in the quickening of the 2012 Ascension. The magnetic grid is being reduced as the Crystalline Grid becomes dominant. Gravity fields have transitioned and will continue this metastasis. The arc swing of duality is lessened, and the movement into greater dimension, crystalline frequency, is now tangible. It effects you, influences your Beingness in a powerful manner in the shift.

New Earth Demands

In kind then, does the need for humanity to shift become requisite to maintain equilibrium and balance. Equivocation will not serve. The astrological undulations become more intense as does the heightened energy of the planet itself.

The energy of the New Earth demands more effort on your part. You must proactively raise your frequency to adjust, to keep pace. You must manage expectation and rise to the occasion.

The new energy is of a different medium. Just as you move differently in water than on land, so must you adjust your energy field in the new expanded environ. A new focus is necessary in the optimal maintenance of your Auric Body, for the human EMF ( Electro-Magnetic Field) is being shifted into CEF (Crysto-Electric Field) at the level of the 5th dimension. It is an important change, and is a mandate for each of you on the path.

Ascension Symptoms

The Ascension has symptoms. How you choose to deal with them has consequences. They become either growing pains that lead to great new horizons, or the impetus of a stagnation that can lead to a downward spiral. You can't sit on the fence and ignore it, one of the two, the former or latter, will occur. The Ascension energies are global, and are encountered through Auric Induction.The Aura must be understood, and maintained in order to shift into the Crystalline. The higher frequencial energies of the New Earth require a larger CEF (Crysto-Electric Field) , and the operation manual is a bit more complex.

If you do not make a concerted effort, the greater resonance will create fissure cracks in the field and your will have energy bleed. Energy bleed creates short circuitry, and leads to greater malfunction. Including then, potential symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic sleep disorder and apathy. These can be avoided, but the mechanics must be recognized and monitored. It is more important than ever to understand and indeed rigorously maintain the Auric Field in the ongoing shift, for it is the optimal CEF that is the gateway to the Crystalline Light Body.

2012 Requires Beacons

Yes, it takes work to adjust. But it is the better path. It will be at times seem overwhelming . But you can navigate this with discipline and heart. And we are here to assist.

The greatest path is to accept the challenge of Self Ascension by being a living 'Light House-Beacon.' Project then the example of your own light rather than protesting the darkness that still exists within the world in 3d, and choosing to dimly insulate yourself from it. Not all humans will chose the walk of Ascension at this time. In many ways it is a moot point, for the changes of the Ascension will occur whether humanity in micro or macro shift in synergetic rhythm in sync with the New Earth of 2012. Beloved, we offer in this moment the integral energy of our Light Beingness, of that crystalline essence of which we are.

We offer you in pure love the guidance of our wisdom for your discernment. Masters, we ask of you simply to be fully present in your hearts and minds. Discern what we say, for you are a God in process. Take what resonates of that we offer for it is presented to you in deepest respect and love.

Our purpose is ever to reinforce your own strength, for ultimately the vast divinity of your Being is not only well equipped to help you find fulfillment, but totally desirous of doing so. And Dear Human, in this process you will discover your higher nature of wisdom, understanding, exuberance, and peace. No one, not even an Angel, can do this for you. In impeccable Mer-Ka-Na you will achieve every self designed task before you.

2012 Optimal Auric Circuitry

And so we speak on the optimal circuitry of the human auric field, with specific focus on the 13-20-33 circuitry. Masters, the Human Aura is not auto-regulated. It requires methodical maintenance. And this is tantamount, because achieving and retaining the 13-20-33 Circuitry of the integral Auric Field is an absolute prerequisite of ascending into Crystalline Light-Body Vehicle. You see with the great expansion of the resonant energy via the completion of the Crystalline Grid, it is logical to understand that a crystalline light body is generated & birthed in order to carry the higher crystal energy matrix of the Ascending Earth. It is the Mer-Ka-Na, and its circuitry is an Alchemical process that must be understood in order to operate in optimal quantum clarity.

Read the whole activation, and get ready for ascension... THE TIME IS NOW!!!

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