Friday, August 17, 2012


Is to be  ready for the Final Cosmic Alignment of December 21st , 2012

According to the information that the ancient wise Mayan Masters left us on  the Mayan Calendar Long Count, we are one step to complete a Grand Cosmic Cycle of  26,000 years. Thus the end of that cycle is stated to happen on  the Cosmic Alignment of December 21st 2012. Then it  will take place the most trascendental alignment of our Planet Earth with the Hunab Ku (Galactic Center), marking this event a Quantum Leap in Consciousness for all Humanity, and fully enter  into the Golden Age of Evolution through the Feminine Energy.

According to Ancestral Wisdom Maya, whose description of the rythm of evolution of cosciousness has been the most accurate so far known, the new world be born when the Cosmic Mirror cosmic occcurs in 2012.

The first point of contact that this radiation (coming from the Central Galactic Sun) will be through, Lake Titicaca, the actual planetary root chakra, where is located  the main temple of Illumination of Humanity for the Golden Age. This is the active site where radiation enters the planet, and from here will irradiate  to the entire planet Earth, all the light network and power places,  in order to help us evolve as humanity and recieve the most precious gift ... Enlightenment, and return to Unity Consciousness, Love and Freedom.

This is an ideal opportunity, scheduled by the Divine Plan to join us in meditation, with a focus on enlightenment for Humanity, where people from all around the world, regardless of race, gender, religion and nationality, will join to participate in this event. Together, we will shine like a sun, which guides and illuminate. "

This is long awaited, unique and unrepeatable opportunity for the collective consciousness of humanity, integrates with the fundamental Spiritual One Self, in Unity Consciousness . In order to achieve the comprehension of where the Cosmic Plan is designed to lead us on the path to ENLIGHTENMENT.

"Let us, therefore, be decided to lighting the earth as a human collective, full of faith, with constant work and focused mind, so we can  radically change the world and create anchor the  New Earth"

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